Why A Good Ergonomic Chair Is A Key To A Healthy & Productive Work Life


“Your job isn’t slowly killing you. Your chair is

Workplace design is in a state of flux, as more businesses opt for open concept, communal workspaces and fewer single-occupant private offices. Unfortunately for many office workers, the one thing that remains unchanged is that often they are sitting in the wrong chair for them.

According to a recent poll conducted by Leger and commissioned by ergoCentric Seating Systems, 57% of Ottawabased office workers sit between 5 and 8 hours a day and another 11% sit more than 8 hours a day. It’s no wonder over half of those office workers (61%) share that they feel discomfort after sitting in their office chair for an entire day.

Contrary to popular belief, desk chairs shouldn’t be treated as one size fits all. To ensure employees are physically supported and feel comfortable when sitting in their chairs during the workday, it’s important to offer chairs that can be customized and tailored to suit individual needs.

An ergonomically correct office chair plays an especially crucial role in ensuring your well-being at work. Not only can it help prevent workplace injuries associated with sitting (including back pain or discomfort), it can also help increase employee productivity.

HALLNING’s office chair is fully customizable and strikes the perfect balance between great ergonomics and aesthetics. We have various promising brands from Europe specially imported to Jakarta region.

  • Increase Productivity

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On frame is HAG Capisco

According to the poll, the majority of Canadian office workers (70 per cent) believe the office chair they sit in at work directly impacts their energy levels. No matter how much time is spent sitting down in a single day, proper ergonomic chairs are essential to improve employee energy and productivity levels and shouldn’t only be reserved for those employees with back problems or other special requirements.

On frame is one of our favorite ergonomic office chair – HAG Futu Chair

Look at how comfortable it is sitting on ergonomic office chair, none other than HAG Futu chair!

To ensure that office chairs and workstations are conducive to a healthy and productive work environment, it is imperative that employers follow the CSA Standard for Workplace Ergonomics that states employers shall have a person of competence involved in the recommendation of ergonomic equipment, such as an ergonomist.

It is also important that employees receive proper training from their employers to understand all the features of the chair. Teaching people how to properly adjust a chair to fit them can make a big difference in the user’s comfort, yet just 3 in 10 (34 per cent) office workers reported that their employer taught them how to properly use their office chair (38 per cent for Ottawa).

We are always open and ready to assist you, giving you the best solution to live ergonomic. It’s just one call away!

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