Why A Good Ergonomic Office Chair Is Your Best Investment?

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When it comes to ergonomic office chairs, ever wondered why the finest quality always comes up with high-end price? So just why are ergonomic chairs expensive?

Before further proceed, here’s a study case on someone’s point of view regards a regular product with expensive cost.

“A man willing to purchase a kitchen dish towel that worth around $100. People will assume that this man is rich to the point he’s willing to splurge $100 for just a kitchen dish towel. But what if the purpose of him decided to buy is not because he’s rich but he sees it as an investment? Instead of looking at something too expensive, he trusted the quality of the towel and believe that he never has to buy another dish towel again, he is actually saving money!”

This also apply on deciding to purchase a good ergonomic office chair. It is because they have the potential to save the users from some serious money on medical bills.

Your Health Worth


According to CNBC, one of the factors that cause people bankrupt is medical bills. Many people are fixated too much on the cure, instead of prevention. People that spend their time too much on sitting and unable to sit with a good posture generally will experience:

1. Chronic Pain ; low back pain at any given time and ought to spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain.

2. Poor Posture to the point complicate back pain (internal organs; kidney stones, blood clots or bone loss.


You’ll Save Money

Choosing a cheaper ergonomic chair, the seats tend to flatten over time, this will result a major affect on posture and circulation. This is far different with an expensive ergonomic office chair that offers long-lasting quality, a well made ergonomic office chair should last 5 – 10 years or even over that time, the foam of the seat should be still supportive, the height of the chair has to stay in place. Users will no longer have to keep on coming back furniture store to purchase another chair again which we believe, it’s a waste.






High Potential Return On InvestmentPhoto: Per Gunnarsson

Ergonomic Office Chair have the capacity to enhance users satisfaction and improve health, resulting on boosting energy and enhance productivity. This signify a greater profits for the company.

When making this important investment, it’s wise to choose from designers that are dedicated and experienced in crafting high-quality, ergonomically superior furnishings: HAG, RH, RBM are one of the brands that made from finest quality from Scandinavian.

Check out how ergonomics chairs can improve productivity in your daily work! And Start on living ergonomically, invest on a good ergonomic chair to reduce the risk of chronic pain.



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