Why Study Tables Are Important For Kids


The studying environment plays a huge role in your child’s concentration and focus while reading or working on his/her homework. The emphasis of a separate space for studying can be noted from the fact that most of the houses have a separate study area dedicated for such activities. But nowadays, most parents prefer to buy kids study table and install them in a corner of the room instead, mainly because of space issues.

Here are the top 3 benefits of buying a study table for kids :

  • Storage: This is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of buying a kids study table- You get ample storage space! The extra drawers and racks (which are not always present in the study tables for adults) can be efficiently used to store books, stationary items and even toys like the picture on right.

Image result for moll kids

Image result for moll kids

  • Enhanced concentration– Scientific studies support the fact that using a study table for reading or writing can enhance your concentration manifold by focusing your positive energy in one place. It also helps to keep your kids’ room organised by keeping all their study related things in one place.

Image result for moll kids

Image result for moll kids

  • A study table for kids need not be one with a boring hardwood finish like those of the adults. If you browse through Moll Collections in our product list (click here), you would see there are abundant colourful options available for your loved ones.

These all study desk are specially imported from German, is a winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design Award. This prestigious international award recognizes innovative design and function. All these furnishing items are made of 100% non toxic materials and come with rounded corners, making them perfectly safe for kids.


It’s good to reward your loved ones with the best promising study tools just like how MOLL Study Desk ready to accompany them and grow together!

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