Why Workplace Wellness should be your New Year’s resolution

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As we approach the end of 2017, many business leaders will be evaluating the performance of their companies over the year, and considering what changes to implement in 2018.

One of the big business issues of 2017 has been workplace wellness, including mental health.

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In recent years this has been enshrined in regulation, which has significantly evolved from the general health and safety legislation of the early 1970s to current laws which are concerned with employee wellbeing and mental health.

Workplace wellness can have tangible business benefits. Generating a culture of wellness not only makes for a healthier, happier workforce, but one which – according to Forbes – is more productive.

In order to make a genuine and sustained difference to the workforce wellbeing, practices should be placed at the heart of the company culture; it must be real, not rhetoric.

Encourage yourself to step away from their desks

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  • By providing a range of break-out and communal areas, ranging from kitchens to informal meeting areas, or positively endorsing working remotely or “hot desking” from different areas in the office, employers can encourage employees to spend essential, but still productive, time away from their desks.

Celebrate the little things

  • Mental wellbeing is closely associated with a sense of being valued, particularly in the workplace.  Even the smallest of gestures can inspire a disproportionately positive sense of being appreciated.

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Cakes and cards on birthdays or recognition for good work such as on the spot bonuses, bottles or wine of bunches all contribute to an employee’s sense or being valued. As a family-run company, we cultivate as sense amongst employees of being part of the “family”.


Invest on Ergonomic Working Stations

Time has changed rapidly. At past, when it comes to work – people tend to use their energy from mining, harvesting and so on. But as time goes by, world getting evolving and modernized, working is no longer required energy but instead demanding the brain to keep on working. This results more people work in only one place, sitting in long hours.

With this kind of lifestyle, you tend to ignore the importance of how to work correctly with good posture. As long as the work is done, you are done too. But don’t you know that your health is at risk? It’s time for you to get up, get rid those junk and love your body.

Investing on ergonomic office chair is the easiest first step for you to live healthier and of course productively. How ergonomic defines being productive?

By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

One of our most recommended ergonomic office chair for you is our favorite Capisco Puls!

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Look at how comfortable the user is on HAG Capisco Puls – here’s for more information everything you want to know on this lovely chair of Capisco !

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