We Deliver a Perfect Product

We Demand High Quality
in Everything We Do

Our goal is to deliver perfect products. For this reason, we conduct thorough tests throughout our production processes. Our commitment is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our level of technical expertise, combined with our honesty and sense of responsibility, mean that you can sit comfortably every time you choose a Scandinavian Business Seating chair.

We demand high quality in everything we do, from materials and durability to ergonomics and design. We constantly strive to offer our customers work chairs and office chairs with a quality above their expectations, so that they get the most from their chairs and feel good too.

Our products are built to withstand stress and to last. Before it leaves our factory it undergoes rigorous tests and inspections. That is why we also give 10-year guarantees on most of our chairs. Moreover, most of our office chairs are tested and approved according to EN-1335. Because we prioritise quality and the environment in everything we do, we are also certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.