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Project Name: GRUNDFOS Indonesia

As we know GRUNDFOS is a Danish company, and Danish design is all about functionality and simplicity, which tends to be cold and stiff for some people. But since they are operating in Indonesia interior designer Terra Wastu Kanaka decided to apply some ‘Indonesian soul’ into the office design. This was the main reason for the extensive use of wood throughout the Grundfos office.

Since Grundfos is a Danish company in Jakarta, Indonesia, there lies the need for both western and the traditional Indonesian elements to be showed. This was done beautifully with the fun fact tags of the many Indonesian islands. This was Gert’s (Director of Grundfos Jakarta) idea, as he wanted visitors of the office to be educated more about Indonesia. The Danish culture was captured perfectly with simple ornaments of the office and ergonomic furniture by Hallning.

Everyone working at Grundfos are being provided with the correct ergonomic chair. Aside from Grundfos being considerate of its staff, it is in fact a regulation for the people of Denmark to use ergonomic furniture while working. It is great to see their standard of working being applied to Jakarta offices. All Grundfos staff uses Duba B8’s System 3000 with bamboo table tops, bamboo table tops are a more sustainable option and environmental friendly as well. The S3000 has technology from Denmark that allows tables to be height adjustable only with one push of a button. It goes as low as 700mm and as high as 1300mm. This height adjustment option allows staff to sit and stand whenever they feel like, aside from being healthier while standing, this gives them movement and variation.

Another personal favorite by Grundfos’ interior designer is our Capisco chair, because of its unique design and playfulness. Our Capisco chair was inspired by a horseback rider that always has an upright posture unconsciously. They adapted this idea unto a chair so that we too can have upright posture while focusing and work. With this saddle seat chair, we can also sit-stand, and this goes perfectly with our Duba B8 height adjustable tables.

Aside from the ergonomic furniture, Terra Wastu Kanaka did a great job in laying out the office to define spaces and set hierarchy in a way that it subtle yet clear. There is a very clear separation between public and private spaces. One would start at the lobby (reception) area that displays a line of water pumps. On this level, visitors can easily access canteen, training room and musholla as well. Next to this area is also the office for DAB, the second branding line of water pumps by Grundfos. The split level design is interesting. They put seniors (General Manager and PA, senior managers, VIP Lounge, Board room, confidential HRD and finance) at the highest floor level. While the rest of the team, staff lounge, kitchen and printing at the lower level. This allows senior to come down to the pantry every time they need a coffee break so they can get along with the staff as well.

Terra Wastu Kanaka was also able to define spaces in an open working area for a majority of the staff. There are around 70 staff working in one space with rooms only available for manager and senior manager. The spaces were separated with a glass wall partition that allows manager to have an eye on the team. There are also lounge areas and mini-pantries in between work spaces which works as break-out spaces to relieve people from stress. This works cleverly as it is a new modern take on keeping employees content.

It is amazing to see an ergonomic office in Jakarta, the business heart of Indonesia, and see how it impacts not only the people of Grundfos but the business itself. Grundfos is one of our clients that does not only understand but take action in believing that businesses grows as people grows.

Location: Intirub Business Park. Graha Intirub 2nd & 3rd Floor

Jl. Cililitan Besar No. 454 , Halim , Jakarta 13650

Client/Owner: PT GRUNDFOS Pompa

Interior Design Consultant by: Terra Wastu Kanaka

Principal Designer: Ayu Sawitri Joddy

Designer: Moch Fadjri

Started: November 2013

Completed: April 2014